Nada Surf

Nada Surf had a huge hit in ’96 with their massive single “Popular”, then they were dumped by their major label. 7 years later they came out with Let Go and have been working their way back up the indie ladder.

Their new album Lucky is my new soundtrack for this summer. Each song just bounces with catchy hooks and pretty interesting turns. It’s very easy to listen to, but has enough depth to keep bringing you back, not revealing everything at first listen. The album’s center track, “Are You Lightning?” is one of my favorite love songs written in the past few years.

I also got the chance to go see them a few weeks ago at the beautiful Opera House. First thing I noticed was the much older crowd. I’m guessing most of them have been following them since 1996. I even spotted a couple of the Barenaked Ladies in the crowd. Anyways, it was a pretty solid show of almost 2 hours of pop rock perfection.

Nada Surf – Are You Lightning?
Nada Surf – See These Bones feat. Ben Gibbard


— , April 28, 2008    3 Comments