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Back in November, I caught up with José Gonzalez before his band Junip’s show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto. Coming in from Montreal that day, we sat down to chat while the band took a break from sound-checking and rehearsals to grab burritos in the Annex. During our conversation, we discussed working with Junip compared to solo work, the progressive politics of Sweden and their impact on the arts, how good the band is at air guitar, and a bevy of other topics.

The delicate and comfortable sensation of his music transferred to their live show, which I caught following our interview and featured an all-Junip setlist encompassing their Fields album as well as an assortment of unreleased material.

Junip – Always
Junip – Rope and Summit

Sal: Where are you coming into town from?

José Gonzalez: We just came from Montreal, started in Philadelphia and went up north. It was a smaller venue. We had troubles at the border, so we arrived late. But it all turned out alright.

Sal: Swedish bands are usually at the top of our suspicion list at borders. How long have you been on the road now with Junip?

José: We did a tour for a month in Europe and just started this 25-day Canada/US tour.

Sal: Have you been touring North America much in the past few years?

José: Solo, yes. I’ve been here many times. Since 2008 we’ve mostly been working on this new Junip album. I’ve been doing very few shows. I did have some shows lined up in Canada that we had to cancel.

Sal: What was the process like working on this record given that you’ve known Tobias and Elias for so long, and started playing together 11 years ago? I hear some of the material has been in the works for a while.

José: Well, it’s more like the band has been around for about 12 years, but the music is all new. We started setting up recording gear in a rehearsal place and recorded hours and hours of jamming.

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