Not one to take a comment lightly, this is a defense of Blur in the unending Blur vs. Oasis feud. Dona, consider the gauntlet thrown. Regardless of commercial success, Blur has been and will always be the superior band, for the following reasons.


Unlike Oasis, who have stagnated since Definitely Maybe and What’s the Story Morning Glory?, beginning with 1991’s Leisure,  Blur has consistently evolved and experimented with new songs and styles. Girls and Boys, She’s So High, Parklife, The Universal, these are but a few of the genre-jumping hits Blur has attained over the years. The band experienced their biggest success with Song 2, possibly the song  least indicative of their overall sound. This same band brought you Think Tank, one of the best albums of this decade, containing songs ranging from the quiet and peaceful Sweet Song, to the boisterous Crazy Beat, to the highly experimental opening track Ambulance, Blur has shown more range on a single album than Oasis has shown in their entire career. No, the faux-Indian Hindu Times doesn’t count. The Beatles called, they want their sitar back.

Blur – Sweet Song


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— , January 3, 2009    14 Comments