The Teenagers

When I first began writing this post I was really excited and thought I was going to have a bunch of amazing remixes of one of the fall’s most talked about indie tracks, ‘Homecoming’ by The Teenagers. However, after endless searching and downloading I didn’t find any that I particularly love. Every mix I found seemed to have removed the Teenagers’ raw, catchy melody and replaced it with a bunch of random awkward beats. On a more positive note, my failure with the Homecoming remixes led me to other greatness from the London/Parisian trio that they have done of other artists. My favourite is probably their remix of Brooklyn based, Au Revoir Simone’s “Fallen Snow.” Since I found this song I have been listening to it on repeat. This may be a little bit of a stretch, but when I played it for the first time I sort of felt like I was listening to a mellow Jacques Lu Cont remix. In any case, The Teenagers get three giant neon hearts from me for these cool remixes.

The Teenagers – Homecoming
The Teenagers – Starlett Johansson (Narctrax Remix)
Lo-Fi-Fnk – City (The Teenagers Remix)
Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow (The Teenagers Remix)


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Ed Banger Records

The French electro label, Ed Banger Records, that was founded just four years ago by Pedro Winter (aka Busy P and Daft Punk’s manager) has only eight signed artists which are all incredible. The favourites of Ed Records, Justice (made up of Frenchmen Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé), are currently on their first world tour and I was lucky enough to see them live at Metropolis in Montreal this past October.  They also recently won two well-deserved awards at the MTV European Music Awards (Video Star and Best New French Artist). They sound like Jackson 5 mixed with Daft Punk and Metallica? They create a sound that blends electro with a clear rock influence and some of their remixes have a definite 70s pop vibe. My description really isn’t doing them any justice though (no pun intended).

Here are a few of my favourite Justice songs and remixes as well as an intro by Mr. Oizo for Ed Records Vol. 2 that was released in March which features all the artists.

Justice – Phantom, Pt. II
Vicarious Bliss – Theme from Vicarious Bliss (Justice Remix)
Mr. Oizo – Intra
Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (MSTRKRFT Remix)


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